Tamara Donn


I am author of upcoming book Frazzled to Fabulous in 5 Minutes a Day. helping frazzled mums regain their calm, enjoy their kids and get more done.

I also run the EFT Training Centre with my husband Peter Donn. We run workshops and trainings in Hertfordshire and London.


  • creating positive habits from chaos to calm
  • relationship issues
  • menstrual issues
  • fertility
  • pregnancy
  • motherhood

Workshops available: 

  • EFT trainings and supervisions
  • EFT for birh professionals
  • EFT and Family Constellations
  • Online EFT From Chaos To Calm programmes coming Jan 2016
  • Half day & weekend retreats for women to reboot their busy lives (EFT and family constelaltions tools are utilised).

About me:

It wasn’t until the birth of my daughter in 2000 and my initiation into the realm of motherhood that my passion for supporting women’s transitions came into its own. I trained as a holistic childbirth educator with Birthing From Within, a doula and a fertility therapist. Drawing on my work with Birthing From Within I consolidated my experience and wisdom to create the Birth Art Cafe – a holistic form of preparation for motherhood through creativity and relaxation. After an overwhelming interest in the Birth Art Cafe while presenting the concept at birth conferences in the UK and US, I was inspired to set up a training for birth professionals. 

During this time my husband, Peter, who had also been an IT professional, retrained as an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques/ Tapping) trainer and practitioner. Having absorbed EFT by osmosis being around him, when I noticed that women at the Birth Art Cafe were upset, I offered EFT and was astounded by the results so eventually trained as an EFT practitioner and trainer in 2010. 

After that I began bringing EFT more and more into my motherhood work until it became my primary focus branching into other areas such as menstrual issues, Law of Attraction and family issues (drawing on concepts from Family Constellations), Matrix Reimprinting, Meta-Medicine and Enneagram.